Barely A Starr Agreement - AMHA Reg # 135546, 1995 Bay (E/e, A/a), 15h, star, left hind partial coronet, Flaxen carrier.   Starr's get are people friendly, laid back and easy going.  They have all been easy to train, willing to learn, and have exhibited Starr's phenominal disposition and conformation.  Live cover, on farm AI, and shipped semen available.  2016 Stud fee:  $800  Available for sale...

Drumsong's Smoky(CN) - AMHA Reg # 167242, 100% Foundation bred, 1988  Black (E/e, a/a), 14.3h, solid, no white markings.  Smoke is extremely well bred and such a sweetheart.  So are his babies!!  We are extremely pleased to have been able to have such an incredible stallion reside on our farm.  Smoke was able to give us many nice foals while he has been here for which we are truly grateful.  Fortunately, we have four mares, who will be retained and a beautiful stallion prospect to replace him.  I remember when Nancy offered for me to bring Smoke here to our farm in Wyoming for an open lease.  I was so overjoyed that I cried then at the offer, again when I went to pick him up, and now while I am writing this.  Smoke has touched my life and influenced our breeding program in a way that will be hard to duplicate in the future.  I find it impossible to express my deep thanks to Richard and Nancy Borst for the lease of this incredible stallion.  My sincerest and deepest gratitude goes to them for the ability to have this amazing stallion grace my life for the short time he was here.
Here at Can-Do Morgans, we are extremely selective of  the Stallions  we use for breeding.  We believe that the preservation of the Morgan breed should be founded in Morgan bred stallions.  Therefore, we only stand stallions that are 100% Foundation bred.  Additionally, every stallion at Can-Do Morgans exhibits the finest in dispostion and conformation.  Our belief is that a stallion should behave like a gelding and be able to be trusted for handling in every situation including breeding.  These stallions are trusted completely on our farm and offer the most desirable traits that can be afforded in any horse, stallion or not.  
Barely A Starr Agreement
Drumsong's Smoky - 1988-2013
FCR Magic Act
FCR Magic Act - AMHA Reg # 180906, 2009, 15H, Chestnut (ee, AA, nSW1), Splashed White Overo, AND Sabino 100% Foundation bred Morgan stallion with large blaze, 4 stockings, white belly spot, and white tip on tail.  When I saw this stallion listed for sale and then looked at his incredible pedigree I knew I wanted him for my own!  I have looked a long time to be able to add the Sweet's/Classy/T-Bone/Rhythm bloodlines to my breeding program and I believe Magic is the perfect combination of looks and diversity.  Magic's markings show characteristics of both the Splash and Sabino genetics.  I am looking forward to seeing what he will produce in the upcoming years.  Pictured above on his first ride with Bruce Keller in Worland, WY, who subsequently said "I think he will be an asset to your program."  Also pictured being ridden by my husband when we picked Magic up to bring him home after 60 days training.  I love how soft he is and the responsiveness he exhibits at this stage of his training.  I look forward to watching how this up and coming young stallion develops as we progress with him.  Magic is going to make an excellent saddle horse.  Thank you Charles and Diedrea Ramsey for allowing me to purchase this handsome fellow and bring him to Wyoming.  Live Cover, Shipped Semen, or on farm AI available.  2016 Stud fee: $800 non-splash/$1200 confirmed splash
UC Davis tested Splashed White Overo, 100% Foundation Bred Morgan Stallion.
Reference Stallion / Herd Sire
Can-Do Smoke's Legacy
Can-Do Smoke's Legacy - AMHA Reg. # 186775, 2012, 100% Foundation Bred black colt (Ee, aa), 14.3H at 4yo and still growing.  I don't know what to say about this colt except WOW!  When I walked into the barn when he was 24 hours old I knew he was exceptional.  I am happy to be retaining him for my breeding program to replace his sire, Drumsong's Smoky.  His dam, Trailhead Tinkerbelle, is very closely bred to the well know stallion Trailhead Tucson.  They share the same dam and Tinkerbelle's sire is Tucson's grandsire.  This colt has some pretty big horse shoes to fill, but I am confident he is fully capable of doing so.  My thanks go out to Nancy and Richard Borst for the lease of his sire and to Bob and Donna Barrett for the lease of his dam so I had the opportunity to breed for this fine colt.  Live cover only, shipped semen available soon.  Introductory 2016 stud fee is $800.
Custom Colt Program - This program is available to anyone who would like to have a direct influence on the foal they want to produce.  With this program you choose the stallion from this page that is available for breeding that year.  Then you choose a mare on our mare page available to be bred that year.  Add the fee of the stallion and the fee of the mare together and you have the cost of the foal.  The foal will be available for pick up at weaning.  The fee will include all costs for the care of the mare, parturition, and foal care including worming, vaccination, farrier, halter training, gentling and handling, registration, and brand paper for transport.  Additional fees may apply if coggins and health certificates are needed for transportation.
KS Bluestem Bronze Soldier
UC Davis tested homozygous black and one Splashed White Overo gene.
100% Foundation Bred
Photos by Suzanne Avery
Photo by Nancy Lischner
Can-Do Something Blue
Can-Do Something Blue - AMHA reg # 189939, Grulla colt(Ee, aa, nD), DOB 2014. Blue has some of the finest in Morgan blood and history in his amazing Western Working pedigree. Handled since birth, Blue is very people friendly. He leads, loads, ties, and has had his feet trimmed. UTD on everything. His sire is Ragtime Deja Blu owned and shown by Susan Motter of Prairie Hill Morgans in North Dakota. His dam's sire is the fabulous Trailhead Tucson and his grand dam is from the Tetonia breeding of the Neely's. This boy should be BIG at maturity and carry the disposition with him that has made Western Working Morgans so desirable for breeding, work, and play. This is the only stallion on our farm that is NOT 100% foundation. However, he exhibits all of the fine qualities that we expect out of our stallions. Easy handle-ability, friendly and willing to please disposition, and nice conformation. This fella has been nothing but a gentleman from day one! Therefore, we are happy to add him to our colorful stallion line up. He is available to the public with live cover, AI, and cooled shipped semen starting in 2018.
 KS Bluestem Bronze Soldier - AMHA Reg # 183176, 2010, 16H, 100% Foundation bred Bay Splash Morgan Stallion (EE, Aa, nSW1). We are so excited to add this exceptionally bred, young splashed white overo carrying stallion to our line up for 2014. We have been so impressed with the reception our other splash stud, FCR Magic Act, has received we just couldn't pass this fellow up. Soldier embodies all the presence and gentleness reflected in his pedigree with tried and trued lines for generations. He has amazing bone and phenominal confirmation. He will only produce bay and black foals when bred to chestnut mares. Thank you Jim and Suzanne Avery, Kansas Bluestem Morgans, for offering this exceptional colt.  
We have several 2017 Colts out of KS Bluestem Bronze Soldier that we will be raising as stallion prospects. Please keep checking back for their UC Davis test results, and photos!